Maria Claudia Guzman - A r t i s t

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I never thought that I could express myself through art let alone through painting.

My story begins in Bogota, Colombia land of passion.  It is a land with joyous people who are optimistic and brave.

Since my childhood, I have had a deep passion for nature.  The beautiful landscapes of my country and its grandiose perfection have always captivated me.  This fascination led me to study Agronomy as my profession.  Throughout my career as an agronomic engineer, I learned to understand the intricate connection between the land, atmosphere, and   humans.  It is this delicate balance that showed me how important it is to work very hard each and every day.

After many years in Colombia, personal reasons drew my family to Mexico.  It was there that I discovered my passion for painting.  Having to leave my career behind, I sought out a new path.  An inspirational painter - Roman Barrales - took  me under his wing and showed me all that he knew about painting.  Because of his vast knowledge of oil painting and his skill as a mentor, I was able to really paint what I felt inside myself and to use the oils to their fullest potential.  

He showed me new techniques and ultimately how to completely express myself through painting. And for that I am ever grateful to him.  

It was not until I moved to Panama 5 years later that I really began to paint my own paintings.   My art was no longer imitative but rather personal and expressive.  This never would have been possible without the support of my husband and our children.

I have an enormous love for painting. I passionately adore the textures that oil brings to a canvas.  It is still amazing to me that I can express my deepest, most guarded feelings through art.   I know that I have much to learn but I am excited to continue this marvelous journey with art.